Enhance the safety and security of Aruba’s residents and tourists. Provide a dedicated and visible security presence actively patrolling key tourist areas.


To be the leading security initiative in Aruba, setting the standard for safety in the tourism industry.


Visitor and Resident Welfare


Safety First

Community Collaboration




Active Patrolling:
Our officers are a visible presence in key tourist areas, primarily Palm Beach and Eagle Beach. We patrol
the beaches, beach walkways, areas in front of hotels, and evening restaurant/bar zones.
Preventive Profiling:
We employ advanced profiling techniques to identify potential security risks and deter criminal activities.
Community Engagement:
TSP actively engages with the local community, residents, and tourists to build trust, gather insights, and ensure
everyone feels secure
We collaborate closely with hotels’ security teams and the local police force, establishing a cohesive security network
that benefits all stakeholders.
Reduction of Security Concerns:​
Our mission is to reduce incidents of petty theft and other security concerns, creating a safer environment for all.
Emergency Response:
Our officers are trained to respond swiftly to any incidents, providing assistance, and coordinating with local law
enforcement when necessary.
Information Hub:
TSP officers serve as a source of information for tourists, offering guidance and support, and helping them make
the most of their time in Aruba.

In addition to being a visible security presence, TSPA places a strong emphasis on prevention. Our proactive approach involves actively patrolling, preventive profiling, and engaging with the community. We collaborate closely with hotels’ security teams and the local police force to create a seamless security network, with a shared goal of providing a secure environment that benefits both residents and tourists.


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